186. Dr. Tommy Wood: Tools to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Avoid Dementia

Tommy Wood makes his third appearance on Paul’s podcast to cover a wide range of topics. Tommy is a developmental neuroscientist and professor of pediatrics and neuroscience at University of Washington. In today’s podcast, Paul and Tommy chat about overall brain health and dementia, lipids, LDL, continuous glucose monitors, and seed oils.

Time Stamps:

00:07:36 Podcast begins

00:10:25 Should we eat animal brain?

00:17:40 Debunking misconceptions about Alzheimer's & APOE4

00:26:55 Saturated fat & APOE4

00:32:15 Tommy’s thoughts on insulin resistance & linoleic acid

00:44:30 Tommy’s thoughts on the ”calories in, calories out” weight loss model

01:00:50 A better model for understanding Alzheimer’s & brain health

01:16:20 Blue zones and thoughts on retirement

1:22:05 Critical nutrients for brain health


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