AMA (Ask me anything): Black seed oil, polyester clothes, carbohydrate cravings, constipation, and how to detox from seed oils...

Today on the podcast, Paul answers listener questions such as: Is polyester affecting fertility? Is Black Seed Oil a superfood or BS? Is the liver actually a filter? Does Paul ever “fall off the wagon?” He also offers listeners advice on constipation, explaining animal based to friends and family, and why we should not worry about cholesterol.

Time Stamps:

00:07:33 Podcast begins

00:09:30 Is polyester clothing affecting fertility?

00:18:05 What should we use to moisturize our face or lips?

00:21:40 Animal based testimonials

00:26:00 What to tell people skeptical of animal based and cholesterol?

00:31:40 How to curb carbohydrate cravings

00:34:45 Does Paul have any vices?

00:36:00 How to cope with constipation

00:38:40 Why do “diet experts” suggest vegetables for a healthy gut?

00:43:50 Detoxing from seed oils

00:48:30  What can cause muscle twitches?

00:50:00 Are seeds as detrimental as seed oils?

00:50:30 Is the liver a filter? 

00:52:00 What about black seed oil?


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