How to lose weight

On today’s podcast, Paul talks about how to lose weight, healthily. He first speaks on how not to lose weight and why he believes the mainstream paradigm for weight loss is flawed. He dives into what he believes makes humans fat in the first place, actionable steps to take for weight loss including how to increase satiety, and why “calories in calories out” is an outdated and oversimplified method.

Time Stamps:

00:08:15 Podcast begins

00:11:55 How not to lose weight

00:14:10 What exactly is a “Westernized diet?”

00:15:10 Why would you want to lose weight?

00:16:10 The importance of improving the quality of your diet

00:22:35 Why do we get fat?

00:26:40 How to increase satiety and the problem with seed oils

00:42:50 Nutrient adequacy and satiety 

00:48:27 Raw versus pasteurized dairy

00:52:40 Studies on meat-based diets and weight loss 


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