How to make yourself a world-class athlete (or be free from knee pain forever!) with Knees Over Toes Guy, Ben Patrick

Ben Patrick is the founder of the “Athletic Truth Group” a gym and online training service based out of Clearwater Beach Florida.  Ben overcame debilitating knee and shin pain, as well as subsequent surgeries through a personal journey taking knee and foot strength training to their fullest potential.  Ben transformed his basketball career, going from being continually injured, unrecruited and under-achieving to having a successful junior college stint through improving his own health and performance. Ben’s sports performance training career started after this, where he now trains athletes of all levels at Athletic Truth Group gym and through his online training services.  Ben’s system has brought a great many athletes out of pain, and is getting notoriety from many world-class trainers and athletes.

Time Stamps:

0:08:35 Podcast begins

0:09:15 What does Ben look for in athletes?

0:16:50 What Google says is realty.. but that doesn't mean it is true

0:19:00 We can all have world-class athletics

0:27:15 The nordic curl:

0:37:05 The first thing Ben would recommend people starting with:

0:39:20 Working from the ground up for knee pain

0:44:05 How does Ben train the big toe?


0:46:25 The split squat:

0:50:35 It's more natural to walk or sprint

0:56:35 The heal-striking motor pattern for running

1:04:15 The epidemic of autoimmune conditions

1:05:50 Humans can probably regrow cartilage 

1:12:35 Does Ben get a lot of pushback?

1:15:35 Food beliefs have become identity for many people

1:20:40 Ben's experience eating animal-based for the past month

1:30:55 Does Ben consume organs?

1:35:35 When you focus on food quality over quantity, you can eat much more

1:45:15 Closing thoughts with Ben


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