How women can navigate estrogen dominance, infertility, peri-menopause and Covid vaccines with Jaime Seeman, MD

Dr. Jaime Seeman takes care of women of all ages with a full range of gynecology and obstetrics in her practice. She really enjoys taking care of pregnant patients and offers care including low risk, non-intervention pregnancies and high risk as well. VBACs are welcomed in her practice under the current guidelines. She offers minimally invasive surgery including Davinci Robotic surgery and in office procedures. She has special interest in ketogenic therapy, nutrition and exercise. She is passionate about offering these services to all of her patients. She is a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Metro Omaha Medical Society and The American Academy of Breast Feeding Medicine.

Time Stamps:

0:06:43 Start of the podcast

0:08:03 Jaime's experience working around COVID vaccinations in hospitals 

0:11:43 The false sense of security going around our society right now

0:12:48 My experience working in the medical industry: there is a sense of coercion

0:14:43 Masks: the other side of the equation

0:15:58 Doctors are supposed to give the pros and cons of medical decisions, and allow their patients to make the final call

0:18:33 The eye-opening censorship revolving around social media right now

0:19:43 Question for Jaime: Why do you believe censorship is so severe right now?

0:20:53 Who gets to determine what is medical misinformation?

0:22:23 Scientists always need to question what the narrative is

0:26:13 What are the concerns (if any) Jaime has with women receiving the COVID vaccine?

0:30:13 The patients who Jaime has seen who have severe COVID are not metabolically healthy

0:34:21 Is “big pharma” after all the dice with COVID?

0:36:08 Do COVID-19 vaccines care whether you're female or male?

0:38:53 Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons

0:46:28 Amazon own the Washington Post.. isn't this conflict of interest?

0:48:28 Politics and science have become intertwined

0:49:38 Use Vears for more information

0:51:13 Jaime's input on estrogen dominance

0:54:38 Estrogen is like a performance enhancing drug, but we don't want it to hang around for too long

0:56:43 What are some of the main causes of imbalanced hormones? Is it only genetics?

1:01:03 What is going on when people have PCOS?

1:05:53 When reintroducing carbohydrates, which choices does Jaime recommend?

1:06:53 Does Jaime consider the effects of seed oils on her patients?

1:09:18 Does Jaime recommend saturated fats?

1:11:01 If you had an otherwise healthy individual's LDL cholesterol rise, would you be worried?

1:13:43 Listen to my CGM podcast:

1:14:43 Does Jaime recommend her patients consume organs?

1:16:23 Any concern of moderate amounts of liver for women’s in pregnancy?

1:19:28 What does Jaime do when she has a patient with a food aversion to meat?

1:21:13 What does Jaime do for women in menopause?

1:25:58 Androgens: any use for these?

1:28:13 The importance the amino acid glycine for stretch marks

1:30:53 TMAO is bad for us, right?

1:32:43 When you push people away from meat, it makes people gravitate towards more processed food consumption

1:34:13 Where to find Jaime Seeman


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