The problem with eating plants

Are plant defense chemicals real? Are they a problem for humans? Paul addresses these questions in today’s podcast along with why he believes they are harmful for many people at a molecular level.

Time Stamps:

00:06:16 Podcast begins

00:09:15 What are plant defense chemicals?

00:16:50 An anecdote on removing vegetables and switching to animal-based

00:19:05 Animal and plant warfare 

00:24:50 Vegetables through an anthropological lens

00:30:40 The effects of plant compounds on the gut

00:33:00 Debunking any benefits of vegetables in our diet

00:42:35 Plant compounds have negative side effects 

00:46:14 The harmful effects of oxalates and other plant defense chemicals

1:00:30 The problem with lectins

1:08:30 Plants do not want to be eaten

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