Why you shouldn't wear sunglasses, the light episode With Andy Mant

Andy Mant is the Founder of BLUBlox, his passion rests in researching and educating to help empower others to lead an optimal and fulfilling life. Andy’s philosophy is to design products in line with proven academic literature to ensure BLUblox customers get only the best available technology that will actually make a difference to their health and wellbeing. Andy wants to make the science behind light management understandable to all. De-bunking science, offering digestible information that people can utilize and creating meaningful connections with our community will always be his driver.

Time Stamps:

0:08:20 Podcast begins

0:09:00 What is "junk light?"

0:16:00 Whenever we deviate from what our ancestors would have done, we run into problems 

0:17:50 What is light.. exactly? And the importance of getting the right light

0:28:10 The effects of blue light on our circadian rhythm at night time

0:33:05 What are the effects on meal timing for our circadian rhythm?

0:41:30 What should you do if you have large variance in your seasons?

0:53:05 Sun tanning vs sun burning.. causes and how dietary changes effect this

1:05:35 What are some practical tips on how to construct our environment?

1:16:20 Is there a certain type of light that improves Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?

1:22:20 Is there an absolute greater amount of infrared light at sunrise and sunset?

1:25:40 What are Andy's thoughts on contact lenses?

1:30:00 Where to find more of Andy's work


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