How to reverse high blood pressure

On this week’s podcast, Paul addresses hypertension. He discusses the epidemiology and causes of high blood pressure, the problem with Western medicine’s lens of high blood pressure, and how to reverse it with dietary and lifestyle changes.

Time Stamps:

00:08:17 Podcast begins

00:13:40 What does Western medicine believe that risk factors for hypertension are? 

00:27:20 The health of Western medical professionals

00:31:10 How does Western medicine address hypertension?

00:34:25 The renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system

00:42:10 The link between hypertension and cardiovascular disease

00:45:25 Insulin resistance and hypertension

00:49:10 How should we treat hypertension?

00:49:25 Medications that improve insulin resistance (TZD medications)

00:59:10 Familial lipodystrophy

01:02:40 Metabolic health in American adults

01:05:50 The problem with linoleic acid


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